Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Life, elsewhere

Planned Obsolescence wonders how people can go on just living as usual shortly after a tragedy like what is happening to New Orleans.

But what to say about Katrina? What can anyone add, which has not already been said? What can be said about a disaster which was telecast before, during and after in such detail? The only thing I can say is that I think it's awful. I wish I had seen New Orleans before this. I feel like another treasure has been wiped off the map of the planet.

But for a person who is worried for her friends and family, my selfish concerns about not being able to experience a certain ambience are pointless. So if I am silent in the face of disaster, awkward and shy, it is because the right words are not mine at all.

That does not mean I don't care. I am reading Barbara Hambly again, the descriptions of coffins floating the the graveyard, the swamp, the colour, the heat and the poverty of a New Orleans which has been totally washed away now. It's the only postscript I can make to a city I never got to experience.

Update: I am closing the comments on this thread.


Jill said...

Well said, Torill. And yes, my feelings exactly.

KF said...

Thank you, Torill. A beautiful sentiment. I'm sorry, too, that you never saw New Orleans; there's no place else like it.

I'm trying very hard not to count the city out just yet, though -- so I hope against hope that you'll see it someday, after all.

Torill said...

I hope I will be able to see it, too. And with the experience from Europe, where historically cities are bombed, burned or otherwise reduced to rubble and reconstructed on a regular basis, New Orleans should not be lost. Cities which have grown naturally are resilient structures. From what I know of New Orleans, it's one of those.

erlingsi said...

You can say if you dare that you are a little bit ashamed by that the richest country in the world is not able to take care of its own people.You can state that Bush is not president for all the people of this rich country, only the the rich. And you cant conclude that I will use airplanes a less to prevent Katrin and the like to happen in the future. It is quite easy to state sentiment like this. Try it!

erlingsi said...

Sorry about publishing this comment three times. I am not used to this old fashion tech making me focus on "word verification" and the like in stead of my comment!

Torill said...

Erling, I am really not sure what you are getting at. That the Americans should have been prepared to care for their own, and I should stop travelling by airplane?

I suspect both things are being said, and loudly, if not by me right here.

And I'll delete your duplicates. Sorry that the technology is too complicated for you.

erlingsi said...

Sorry if I am difficult to interpretate: What I missed in your blogg was a political utterance about the catastophe in New Orleans from YOU. A political comment which reflects around why americans obviously have problems helping themselves and have problems making a contribution to prevent the warming up of the earth where the airplanes play a part. Little Erling and little Torill also contribute by to much traveling and to much driving to the heating of of the earth which next hit back like in the Gulf. Thats all

Torill said...

Erling, these are statements that I am not ready to make. If you feel they have to be made, feel free to make your own website/blog and publish all you like. Free speach also offers the option of not talking.