Thursday, January 19, 2006

Once a warlock...

In the researcher's guild, we now have three players whose main characters are warlocks. Two of them have created warlock characters, the third made a priest - because we REALLY need healers - but plays as if he was a warlock, only with the occasional heal tossed in when the other players' health drop too low.

As far as I know, all the rest of the guild have created new classes. Well, perhaps one of our warriors used to be a warrior, but I am just giving up on the female-game-researcher-and-warriors-romance... more than 1/3 of the guild are now women playing warriors.

What I am thinking about now, though, is class loyalty. Why do you want to keep playing the same class? I feel that I become a better shaman by playing a warrior, etc, I don't feel like I should perfect my shaman-play by being a shaman in more than one character. Are warlocks different?

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