Monday, July 05, 2004

Dialogue in slow motion - links
These are the links used in my keynote for Blogtalk 2.0 in Vienna 2004.


Why do I blog
Anders Jacobsen's "Why I blog" post from March 6th 2003.
Elmine Wijnia's "Why do I blog" post from March 31st 2004
Aldo de Moor and Lilia Efimova's working paper An Argumentation Analysis of Weblog Conversations
phaTTboi's "why I blog" post of June 16th 2004.
Simpleton's "Why I blog" answer May 26th 2004. Quote

The virtual and the factual other
Abraham Maslows's pyramid
of needs

The original slime

Time, space and blogs
"Blog this", two comments and links to Henry Jenkins' article of 2002. The article is today only available to subscribers of Technology Review.
Spitting Llama, Dave Winer
Since 2003 Technology Review has a blog, where Henry Jenkins is one of the writers.

Astri Heen Wold, Quote 1, 2 and 3

The tyranny of here and now
Some (in)famous conversations
Dave Winer and the Winer Watcher on the conflict between Dave Winer and Mark Pilgrim
Jonathon Delacour on "Doing a Dave"

Dave Winer took down 3000 blogs.
People were unhappy.
Dave Winer replied in an audio file.
People were not any happier.
Dave Winer presented a new plan for hosting.
Some people are still not happy.
Dave Winer thanks the professional sites for clearing up what the bloggers didn't understand.

Sidewalks and gaps
Anne Galloway: First Count

Wolfgang Iser: quote

Danah Boyd: The privilege to not fight
Pete: Again with the "Women and blogging meme"

Challenge, mastery and pleasure
Steven Johnson: Quote
Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi: Quote

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