Monday, November 21, 2005

How far would you go?

To hear me speak, that is? I asked my daughter if she'd go to New Zealand for a chance to listen to me. Daughters are very good reality checks. Her reply was "Why should I? I can hear you speak as much as I like when ever I like." But like a real nerdy networked family member, she said this from where she is currently studying, on skype, as we were searching through open office manuals in Norwegian in order to figure out how she could use it to draw text-boxes and arrows for one of her papers - which needs to be electronically submitted, and so she needs the boxes to look the same in the receiving end as in her end.

The skype/open office part is an aside though, an attempt to modestly play down the fact that I have been invited to Blog Hui on New Zealand in March 2006. I am absolutely delighted with the thought of going to a place which has a 12 hour time difference - an indication of being at the opposite side of the planet.

So how far would somebody go to speak about their favourite topics? I don't think I can go any further than this and still stay on the planet.

(If I get extra-terrestial invitations, I don't know if I will dare blog it - at least not in advance. And afterwards... well, I guess the implants will tell me what I should or should not do.)

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