Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Horde vs Alliance

It looks like we are leaning towards the Horde side, although I suspect the "I guess trolls and orcs are cool..." email I had this morning was not entirely convincing ;) One reason for it is that the Horde side appears generally more civil and adult, and so I also hope, more robust when it comes to accidental grouping with people who discuss research questions. Also, most of the Joi Ito group are on the Alliance side, and since that list is full of people in comparable fields (including our own Jill), establishing our characters on the horde side will be a stroke for diversity. But the Terra Nova WoW players are on the Horde-side too, so I can't really use that argument for my favourite faction, can I?

So I'll just say: For the Horde! and see if I am zerged. And shamans are way more fun than paladins, too ;)

So: Moonglade, Europe, Horde side. We want the first group to contain:

1) healer (preferably priest or healer-specced druid) (have one undead priest)
2) warrior, main tank, because meat-shields are a must to a good group (have one orc warrior)
3) mage-type for range and damage (mage or warlock) (have one mage)
4 and 5) hunter for range, other assist type: shaman, rogue - or just one more warrior, not specced for defense. This can also include for instance feral specced druids or shadow priests. (have one troll rogue)

We need 10 people to make a guild, which means 5 more.

No name yet. Any ideas?

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