Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Humans fighting spam

On another blog which I use for lecture material, I just made a post with a series of links to ads, examples for a lecture I am giving tomorrow. After several drafts I posted it and didn't think more about it, until I had to update the post. That's when I discovered that my blog had been registered as a potential spam blog.

I had to type in a word verification in order to post, in this way proving that I am human. I also submitted a request to have my blog read by a person in order to verify that it's not a spam blog. A real human being is obviously the best way to fight spam.

I am waiting, curious to see what happens. The blog is mostly in Norwegian, so who knows, it may all appear to be nonsense to the human eye of a non-Norwegian speaker. And if so, what will happen? Will my entire lecture blog be deleted, to avoid spam?


al-Ferengi said...

They'll probably see your profile in the sidebar with your cv, and not delete it. But it is an interesting case indeed!

Torill said...

Today I checked to see if I can post and not have to type in the word verification and yay, I can! Reassuring to know I am not writing a spamblog, almost disappointing to have what could have been a great story stopped by human common sense, and interesting to note that humans still need to assist the clever Google programming.