Thursday, May 01, 2008

Time, space and value

Some years ago I read an article discussing the real values in modern society. Property and objects were losing their meaning, security, time and space were becoming the only real values.

This was such an interesting thought that I have been thinking about it ever since, when faced with displays of status-carrying objects, as it indicates that the concept of value is shifting. For a researcher playing around with non-physical objects and digital spaces, this idea of shifting values is interesting and captivating.

So now I am looking around, searching the net, searching books, trying to understand...

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Luca said...

In WoW, using these terms, you can describe the value of a single object as the time you have to use to get it plus the plus-value. From this perspective time and work are functionally equivalent in a marxist approach to value. What's interesting, for me, it is that digital spaces can add a whole new set of characteristics to what we're used in the RL. I hope you'll share what you find! :-)