Thursday, August 07, 2008

This and that...

Some odd stuff that's been coming my way the last weeks:

Somebody have, for some odd reason, invited me to participate in a work-shop for physical theatre. While I'd love to do something like that, it would be to set myself up for failure. And not exactly what I am doing, anyway. And the dean would finally ask me to reconsider how I spend my time.

I have been invited to an interesting conference in Germany, which sadly is at the same time as IR:09 - More Fun, More Risk: Digital Games as a Challenge for the Protection of Minors. It is obvious that no matter what I might want to say about the threat games represent or not to our society, the fear of them is growing. And so it really should be taken seriously: people should look at this issue with open eyes, not just as enthusiasts and enemies. I hope this conference can do exactly that. The program is however not available yet, and the titles of the tracks are not exactly uplifting when it comes to hoping for neutral view. Well, time will show!

And now, over to the marketing department!

Nah, I am just afraid it will look like marketing, because I am so delighted with a couple of objects. First, my MOO cards, ordered through and taking advantage of my flickr pictures. I love it, it's a handful of colourful memories from 2007-2008. Flowers from Australia, silk from Japan, snow and forest from Umeå, mountains and water from Norway.

The other thing I did was to order a photo book from I just made a small one, and ordered three copies, one for each kid and one for us. It's lovely, an overview of what we looked like in 2006, and I know the kids will love it as much as I do. So now I am moving onwards to step two of the plan: To make one for my mother's birthday. SSssshhh, don't tell!!! I am trying to get all her daughters and our families over the last 4 years into one book, with as many names and times as possible. My mother has a very relevant complaint: we never give her pictures any more. We share with each other, but we send nothing to her, as she is disconnected from the digital age. I am planning to amend that, in one, big, swoop!

So, that was the Volda news. Also: The house has changed colour from whitish to blue with indigo windows and a grey foundation. I think it looks great. Seriously, I like it. Still a lot of details to paint though. I never knew I had such a big house.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like you are making the transition back to “old life” very nicely. Would love to see pics of the new paint job. Have been running the residence permit/personal number gauntlet myself. UDI took 3 months to grant me residence, but just 5 weeks door to door to deliver my daughter's Norwegian passport... We are settling in to our rental house in Nesodden and I start meeting with UiO colleagues tomorrow. Please let me know if you are coming down this way - we have a wonderful place for you to stay. I'm posting about our year in Norway here: