Friday, April 03, 2009

Skype television

There's a show on Norwegian state television (NRK 2) that I didn't know about, it's called Sveip, and runs in the afternoons. It covers net news, and uses the net to do interviews and reportage. My upcoming trip to The Gathering appears to be good news for them, so yesterday I was on the air, live from Volda. It's in Norwegian, but for non Norwegian speakers, I can tell you that we were talking about this research project.

I am fascinated by the ease as well as the quality of the transfer. There was a problem with the light, I drew all the curtains but the sunlight still made me look quite washed out. I don't mind though - not all the details about me look good on television.

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Beppe said...

Dear Professor, sorry, i am ot, i know...
but, pls, can you tell me if the the resercher's guild is still alive? and what is the name of the guild, if it is still on?
Thx (a holy pala, ofc :)