Saturday, December 24, 2011

Torill in translation

I have to admit, I always think I sound much, much better in other languages. The talk at the Tokyo DiGRA 2007 conference a particular example of that. The professional translator had put a lot of effort into the translation, including interviewing me to find out what I wanted to say, and I am sure her version of my talk was a lot more precise than the actual talk! Not to mention when Luca explains what I am saying to his students, Italian is a perfect language for lectures and intellectual discussions.

Now I also look better, as Thiago Falcão has translated one of my articles to Portuguese! The article I wrote for the Journal of gaming and virtual worlds last year was originally twice as long, and sprawling all over the place, topic-wise. So when Thiago saw what I had culled, he wanted an article from it for Fronteiras, an online journal based in Brasil.

I rewrote, and created an article I (in the English version) was actually quite happy with, and so were the Fronteiras editors. Where the Intellect article discusses hedonism and games as an approach to game research and criticism, the Fronteiras article discusses utilitarian hedonism in the view of gamer ethics and morals. If you happen to read both English and Portuguese, you may be able to actually find a connection there - hopefully of the good kind.

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