Friday, November 09, 2001

Jill, Hilde and I have started a blog called blogonblog, a blog on the act of blogging, to be used as the tool to write a paper and a presentation for a major conference next year. The language will most likely be Norwegian and English: the presentation and the article will be in English, so the informal meta-discussions will be in Norwegian while the suggestions and drafts for the article and presentation will be in English.

So far we have almost agreed on which colours and design to use: unless Jill makes a sharp, artistic decision, it will be girly pink and small print, an adjusted blogger template. I'd have loved to have it a little fluffy around the edges as well, like a powder-puff... Our sharp words emerging from the fluff of our hesitation, discussion and digression - which is how it often happens when I work with Hilde and Jill.

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