Friday, September 09, 2005

Jet lag and work

This household is perpetually jet-lagged, which is why I get along so well with my NYC connection on these trips. At 5 am this morning we were both up, making breakfast, drinking tea and coffee, planning the day. And so I can blog at 7.30 after a couple of hours of setting everything up for an efficient Friday.

Today I am starting the actual writing of an article about role-play and the other. A lot of the preliminary work on that was lost to the person who now has my computer (and may it crash on you), so I have had to start the outlining all over again. One result of that was that I didn't get the right books with me from Norway. So yesterday was spent book-hunting in used book stores for duplicates of books I have in Volda. I found several at Mercer Street used Books and Records Store, nothing at Strand, despite the 18 miles of books, and the last couple of copies at full price at Barnes and noble. Those I will have to donate to some worthy cause when I get home, like the library. Or perhaps leave them here, for later emergencies.

I also contacted Mary Flanagan, who saves me from more book hunting by letting me borrow a couple of books from her, and so the stack has risen to a comfortable height and I feel confident that I get my references right. There is something so very soothing about first-hand references, and not trusting other people's citations. I make enough errors on my own, thank you.

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