Friday, September 23, 2005

State of Play III

I decided to attend to State of Play III, as I am in New York anyway, and the fee is manageable. But I am afraid to say that judging from the program so far, I can't see me crossing the Atlantic for it. I guess I may not be the target group, though, as I am not all that interested in the stock market and the connection to games, I am not invited to any of the workshops, and I heard several of the panelistslast year and in different conferences.

I will still be there though, and I will be hoping for a pleasant surprise, such as a sudden surge in female game scholars and professionals on the panels (to be fair, there is one woman on almost every panel), or that some of the people I have not heard of or heard before can provoke the people I have heard several times now into new thoughts and insights to share with us, the attendants.

Last year was interesting and educating, and this year may prove to be the same. I will let you all know - if they have the same good wifi connection as last year, you will know it instantly if I reach an epiphany during this!

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