Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hard Blog Café?

A loud Norwegian blogger has closed his blogspot blog, but opened a wordpress blog. In this process he has cooled his blogging down considerably, enough that I got concerned and wrote to ask what was going on. Not having engaged much in Norwegian weblog-sphere arguments, I had no idea about the previous debate which had flared up, complete with flames, unpleasant language and a mixing of spheres. His reply was quite educating, and he sent me a link to a blogpost which was packed with more links elsewhere.

As I don't follow the Norwegian blogosphere closely enough to know who is who and who should be at what table (if I had been a guest at his hard blog café I would have wandered to the wrong table and said all the wrong things immediately), I also don't know how well he has represented it all. What I do know is that it is entertaining, interesting and educating, all in one, like a kinder egg, and it is in the best tradition of blogsposts sufficiently open that you can follow the links yourself and check what's been going on. If you read Norwegian, of course.

For all the english readers out there: It's the Norwegian blogosphere described as a café where people hang out at certain tables depending on who comments how on their blogs. Writing it and fully understanding it demands fairly good knowledge of the different blogs and intensive study of the comment fields, but as Norway is a small country it's not too hard to track them and the café doesn't have to be too big.

And no, I am not mentioned. I guess that's because I am alway at some distant airport waiting for lost luggage while the others are partying.

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