Monday, April 17, 2006

Not so efficient - or what?

I haven't done much on the book except agonize over it. Yesterday I met with Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel over drinks and snacks on Manhattan. (And it's weird that searching for Colin's name I am able to find a formal site with an University affiliation, while I can't do that while looking for Michele, only place presenting only her was her blogger profile connected to their common weblog.) They are the editors of a Handbook of New Media Literacies which will come out this year, I hope, and where I have an article on weblogs. They were ever so enthusiastic and interested in other stuff I could write. Enthusiasm is good for a frozen Norwegian.

Last week I was in Atlantic City and Stockton, and gave two lectures, invited by Scott Rettberg. It was nice to see the city, nice to see Scott, and fun to talk to his very well-behaved students.

Today I am preparing for more travelling, this time to Connecticut, to meet Don Leu and visit his research colleagues. Two hours 35 minutes on the train, but first a good hour on the subway. It's what I get from not being in Volda, where the airport is a lazy 10-minute ride. But then again, New London, which is where I will be picked up, would have been more than 2 h 35 min away. Particularly by train.

So, while I am not writing much things are happening. I am reading T. L. Taylor's Play between worlds, and feeling both totally inspired and intimidated at the same time. What more can I say or do about this? T. L. has done the work on games as social spaces for all of us! I am going through articles and looking up names, looking for sources. I am looking at games I should buy ahd play, to check out a wider range and get good examples. But with all the travel and all the trouble I have had on this trip, money is tight. If you happen to have some not-too-old games you're not playing... interested in donating them to research? Less painful than giving up your kidney!

So yes, busy busy as always. And it feels good to write it down and see what I have been doing, and why the easter weekend hasn't resulted in two book chapters and an article...

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