Thursday, November 09, 2006

First female dean

The Faculty of the arts at the University of Oslo has their first female dean, and if they had to wait this long, they waited for the right woman. Professor Trine Syvertsen is someone I have known since I started studying media, a brilliant student, efficient researcher and all round a nice person. If I could have voted she would have had my vote too, but hey, Trine didn't need it! The votes were clear, she is the dean!


RennyBA said...

Hello Torill, I came to your blog by searching for other Norwegian bloggers.. Yours are very readable and full of interesting subjects well documented. Thanks for sharing!
I've had my first year blog anniversary and from my last post you can read my objectives.

Torill said...

Hello Renny, nice blog you have over there :) - definitely worth recommending for people who want to understand something about living in Norway. Loved the article about "koselig" - I find it very hard to translate, too.