Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Where will blogs be in 10 years?"

I have answered this question with: "Somewhere we never anticipated, but where ever it is, it will involve more media than writing." Adrian Miles in Melbourne is one of those who has been thinking about involving more media than writing for a very long time, and faced with YouTube he thinks some more:
Note the words - “existing video content”. Just as authors thought back in the mid ’90s about words and writing so 2006 is the year in which traditional video (television, video makers, wannabe’s and coodabeens) finally found the web, got over size (”what do you mean pixels, our screens are metres man!”), figured out some data rates (courtesy of the iPod which, like television before it has settled all that by having hardware defined requirements) and are now realising its potential in spite of it not being full screen, full motion and the rest of it.

So, in about five years we’ll have moved on, finally. And video will be as text is now. Linked, linkable, and we’ll ‘write’ video inside the space of the network.

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Dennis G. Jerz said...

Hm... I agree that video will be more linkable and annotated, but I think audio will probably be more deeply integrated into the web than video -- particularly if voice-controlled gadgets break through the interface barrier. In 10 years, tenure and promotion committees will be a little more digital, but not much more, so I predict that academic blogging will still be working with the raw material of academic scholarship -- words.

Still, maybe old-fashioned text-based blogging will be looked on as "retroblogging," and there will be communities that revel in the digital blogged word, just as there are communities that revel in text-based gaming.