Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Women in Games

Hilde Corneliussen and I were at this conference in 2005. I suspect it's the event that broke my voice, but that has nothing to do with the topic - unless you count the passion of many of the participants as part of the conference theme.

If you are interested in a different and quite good game conference, I recommend this one, independent of gender.

Women in Games Conference to be held at the University of Wales, Newport on
19th-21st April 2007

This spring sees the annual Women in Games conference take up residency at
the University of Wales, Newport. You are invited to register for this
unique opportunity to see some of the best voices in the industry talk of
new platforms, players and perspectives in the advent of third generation
hardware releases.

Currently in its fourth year, Women in Games is an annual conference with
the distinct aim of highlighting the most recent, groundbreaking work in
computer game research and development to both academic and industrial
worlds. It has consistently addressed the empowerment and professional
development for women working in, and researching into, games and the games

Aims of Women in Games
1. Give a voice to women in the games industry.
2. Analyse and monitor the role of women in the games industry.
3. Provide networking opportunities, especially for women developing and
researching games.
4. Support and encourage students, researchers and developers to explore and
redress the game industry's gender imbalance.
5. Disseminate research into games (past, present and future), especially
(but not exclusively) with reference to the experience of women playing,
developing and responding to games and game culture.
6. Disseminate information on the latest technologies and the best design
and development practices.

The University of Wales, Newport event will focus on the various issues
currently circulating in games development, in particular the changing face
of games design and the diversification of forms. Issues of game play;
players, performance and agency are circulating around the markedly
different platforms commercially available to the gamer. Women in Games 2007
seeks to capture this zeitgeist in a series of academic and industrial
panels that profile contemporary issues in development and criticism.

The Women in Games conference is the only conference of it¹s kind in Europe
focused at the issues around women and gaming. The keynotes in 2007 have
been selected to represent a new generation of thinkers working with the
issues at hand.

Further information can be found at; those
interested in the event should contact conference organiser Emma Westecott

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