Thursday, February 15, 2007

Somebody keeps trying

Somebody keeps trying to log into my blog. For about a year I have, at irregular intervals, had to change my blog password because "I" have requested a new one. The last week I have had three letters from blogger reminding me that I have now changed to new blogger.

I don't think it's anything special, I think it's somebody who thinks their blogg login name is the same as mine, and so they keep trying. Perhaps they are new to blogging, pick a name - mine is quite common - and try to log on with it. It's still a little uncomfortable. At least, with the new system, there's less of a chance that they get it randomly right, my login no longer has anything to do with my name, and the emails of reminder don't change the password.

Still, it's a little uncomfortable. As if somebody are constantly checking the door of my house, to see if it's locked.

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