Friday, August 10, 2007

Sweden, yeah

The drive from Volda to Umeå was little more than 1000 km, and took one long and one short day. I was received wonderfully, and live in a quaint little apartment at the University's housing for visiting scholars. It's tiny, but they have promised me something bigger before the winter sets in. Otherwise the blog will be filled with pages of cabin fever - or perhaps I'll just never leave the virtual world.

I bought a new cellphone today, and so I have a Swedish number. If you already have my old one and want to know how to find me in Sweden, feel free to send me an email or a sms, and I'll let you know - eventually. I am not doing much these days except exploring, shopping for the apartment, and seeing the Botnian Bay while it's still sunny.

More later - with pictures. I promise.


Luca said...

So you moved! nice! i'm happy that everything is fne. I really should find a way to visit you in sweden! Just noticed you changed your picture in blogger profile: wow, you're gorgeous!

Torill said...

Thanks Luca :) That's exactly the kind of comments I love having you around for! And yes, you should definitely find a way to visit in Sweden. I will look into what kind of guests HUMlab wants too. They seem to be very internationally minded and hospitable here.