Friday, September 07, 2007

Bleak Friday

The start is always hard, I know. The change, getting things established, figuring things out, it's always tough. And the social part, trying to find people to connect to, or just make light conversation with, when I am suddenly alone after 25 years living with a family; I knew these things would be difficult and take time, and that I had to make an effort to make it work.

I have however had a clear deadline to offer everybody I have talked to about practical considerations around my situation in Umeå: I am leaving 12th of September, and that means I really need to have it all in place at least a week before, for my final preparations.

Of everything I said I needed before I arrived here, I have three things; a place to sleep, a good office chair and a rollermouse. Of all the things I have been offered - well, let's say there have been some delays. Delays which are by now making my days strained, unhappy and uncomfortable.

I hope I'll at least get paid before I leave for Australia and Japan. If not this can get unpleasantly tight. But I am happy I am leaving right now. I am sure the slow and deliberate ways of the northern Swedes will feel familiar and welcome after Tokyo, and coming back will feel good.

At least I hope so.


montchan (MJ Bliss) said...

Enjoy Tokyo!!! The bestest place in the whole wide world!!!

Luca said...

Don't be so sad about your' new place. And if you need alone you just have to say a word and you'll have a dozen of researchers cosplaying their wow character all around you.

Torill said...

:) That's one of the things I am really looking forwards to! I will send you all a suggestion to read tomorrow, I promise - and then we'll have cosplay, sauna and research, what could be better?