Saturday, September 15, 2007


The computer that is. PerthDAC 2007 isn't, it's compact, small and friendly - well, most of the time. What it isn't is online. Since I also don't have an internet connection where I stay, and I haven't seen an internet cafe just yet, I am painfully cut off from a lot of obligations, not to mention the fun stuff. I
ll try to mend the situation, but it's not happening today.


M-H said...

Welcome to Australia! I wish we were on the same coast - I'd love to meet you. Hope the internet connection improves soon.

Torill said...

Thanks! It's lovely here, but it's Wednesday and I have only barely managed to fidn an internet connection by haunting the business area and paying prices that tells me why all these people around me could afford their designer shoes...

I am hoping for a better situation in Tokyo, Nerd Paradise.