Sunday, April 01, 2001

Aarinfel is about to become the scene of a planned suicidal attempt at revolution. Well, I guess it's the arena of many such attempts, nipped early by the immortals obliging the players by letting their characters suicide, or the death goddess claiming their lives early. The plan this time will lead to a significant change in the structure of the Empire. The immortals - which means the administrators - might In Character not mind seeing the Empire changed. Out Of Character however, we do not expect to win through with roleplay which isn't planned by the admin. We will lose, most likely horribly. We still do it because: "Play is battle and battle is play" (Huizinga 1955:41). And even if Et'Thalior is a court of elves in fancy outfits with slippery tongues and one goal: personal supremacy, the battle will be played out with barbed comments and stunning displays - because we want the play rather than the peace of quiet, friendly virtual co-existance.

Does it make sense? I read through it, and try to see how it would looks for a reader who doesn't enjoy the pretense of the play, or the competition of the pretense.

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