Friday, April 06, 2001

Roleplaying gets to you sometimes. Aarinfel is great - but once in a while some features just bug me too much.

My elfboy Eigar has connections, rank, etc - but I haven't been able to build his statistics. One reason is that I prefer roleplay, which is badly rewarded, over running about searching for quests which aren't compatible with my brain. So after two years he's still level 9. He's also horribly outrageous - effete, manipulating, slick - a joke of a character - actually, a joke on the all people I watch, stunned, as they manage to worm their way into power well beyond their level of incompetence. And people take this caricature of a personality seriously, give him power and listen to his opinions. I am shocked - and at times, depressed. That's when I am happy that MUDs can actually lead to friendships. This is what one of my long-time friends had to say on the subject matter:

Delineation says 'See, Eigar in the end is a joke about the nature of AA(And most muds I'ld hazard), no? Its an easy extension to consider the opinions as part of what the joke is on, particularly if they don't realize the comedy of extremes. It likely means they come to expect such behavior, and may well wish to carry it further, so they continue the joke unwittingly.'

Misps laughs at that.

You say 'Oh, thank you. Mind of I quote you on my weblog?'

Delineation says 'Sure, though disclaim that somewhere down the line I turned into an evil bastard who's observation has no basis in fact.'

You say 'of course!'

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