Friday, July 06, 2001

I am not writing much here these days. I am not writing much anywhere, these days.
Tired.. so tired... and my office is too warm. So I brought Beardsley, on Aesthetics, out of the office and into a room not as strategically placed in the sunlight. My mind is slowly, with the speed of melting ice-cream, wrapping itself around the images of an aesthetics of playing. What I have to write about isn't just what a good game is, but also what is good playing. Because playing in itself is an aesthetic act, and so there is a certain beauty to experiencing a game as well as to creating it.

Like going to the opening of an art exhibition. Of course, you can just trudge through wearing the same as always. But if you dress up, and everybody else dress up, you will all make the pleasure of being there more pronounced, and add to the experience. And in my opinion the people who think it's really important to be invited to the opening of exhibitions are playing a role-play game with as much intensity as any computer geek.

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