Tuesday, July 31, 2001

So it's tuesday, and where have I been for several days?
yes, you are right. I have been doing serious work. I have been on a barbeque (saturday) with Adrian Miles, Jill Walker, Jan Rune Holmevik and Hilde Corneliussen. Sunday I spent with a friend who isn't connected to the department of humanistic informatics at all, but Monday I was back among them. It's 1.37 am Tuesday, I have discussed the future of the DAC conferences, I have discussed seduction, power and computers and games, I have learned and shared some amazingly juicy gossip which I am keeping to myself, thank you, and I have remembered, in between all of this, why I enjoy doing research, and why I actually think I can finish the project I started.

It might look like playing, chatting or fooling around... but when you hit the wall and can't do anything through all the normal rituals of discipline, the carnevalesque way of not taking your work seriously and making fun of everything is sometimes the best way to break the dry spell. And tonight was not a dry night. I am already looking forwards to writing again. Thanks, folks!

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