Wednesday, July 25, 2001

NETTAVISEN INNENRIKS: Bryllupsmiddag uten Behn
The Norwegian crown prince, a very handsome young man, is getting married to this single mother of no particularly aristocratic background, Mette-Marit. I think that's nice, but the weddig-perparations are getting a little overgrown. There's a long list of artists, politicians and sportsmen who are invited to the wedding dinner... and then there's this young woman who has a picture on the net, her name on the list and is treated like the writers and musicians she's put on the same list as. What has she accomplished? She's Mette-Marit's "best man".

She should of course be on the list of guests for the wedding. But is she nothing but a friend of Mette-Marit? Being her "best man" takes about 30 minutes - OK, perhaps an hour and a half for a long ceremony like this. She has to have something else to do with her life. Perhaps she works in a kindergarten, perhaps she has a PhD in mathematics, perhaps she is a student, perhaps a carpenter or a hairdresser. Why can't she be allowed to be presented as a person with her own interests and accomplishments?

Of course, she is Mette-Marit's best man. But she is her own person as well. Come on, journalists, figure it out: people have lives which are not related to your most immediate news even if they are not famous!

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