Sunday, January 20, 2002

It's just past midnight, and I am kind of lonely here in the blog world. Lisbeth is on sick-leave, Jill is in Australia on a vacation (that's scary), Adrian is vacationing with Jill (scary twice!), Hilde is in love and just smiles happily every time she comes up from her work for a breath of air (she still blogs though, and I am grateful), Mark is just quiet, last heard of as he left for lunch in Singapore, Laurel is happy - but Gonzalo is around...

So what do I do. Well, I have a few more distant bloggers to follow - not less interesting, just not quite as directly useful in my work. Not that I have done much of that lately anyway. One which I really like is the blog of francis, who lives in Stockholm with his Sweedish husband: How to learn sweedish in 1000 difficult lessons. I often feel like a foreigner right here, in my own country, and then it's kind of reassuring that the things I find odd about Scandinavia aren't necessarily commonplace to others either.

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