Tuesday, January 08, 2002


by David Bateman & the Unicorn Group

Ever since the day my wife bought the beast she calls Max, they've been inseparable. She's always carrying him around the house, and tickling him behind his little chihuahua ears. I didn't mind him sharing our mealtimes, but I was surprised by the amount of presents she bought him: treats, toys, and a constant stream of diverse chihuahua accessories.

She started talking to the dog as if I wasn't there.
She started insisting on letting him sleep on the bed with us.

Lately he's started barking every time I go near her, but still she won't scold him. In fact, she scolds me for upsetting him. Then she goes on whispering in his little chihuahua ears and kissing his little chihuahua nose. The last couple of nights he hasn't let me into bed. I lie curled up on the bedroom floor, listening all night to their whispering and kissing.

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