Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Since you all never knew, you couldn't worry...
But the previously blogged cat by name of Susanna Leonora Løvenurket (Lionbaby), popularly known as Pusi, returned home this morning after having been missing since last Monday. She looked as good as ever, clean and healthy, sporting her customary ravenous appetite. Despite several attempts at persuasion and/or interrogation, she didn't say a word about where she has been, and since it's been snowing tonight, following her tracks was useless. She didn't smell of cows or pigs, so she hasn't been hiding out in any of the barns which are still in use around here. There was also no tell-tale smell of tobacco or perfume, which she often smelled from when she had been gone a day or two in the old house - she had some mystery family she would visit there. But she's home, and oddly enough the return of that annoying little ball of fur made our day before it had even properly begun.

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