Friday, July 26, 2002

I am in London, at a Virgin Internet Cafe. And this machine has a keyboard! *contented sigh*

This has been a busy holiday, and most of the time I have been so exhausted that I haven't had time to think about how much there's still to do with my dissertation. Reading Hilde's blog today didn't help - I find myself sick with stress, rather than relaxed and happy after almost two weeks of vacation and a long week-end to go. What am I doing here when I could be in front of a computer day and night, doing the (many) adjustments Espen suggested when we met in Bergen two weeks ago? I have given up so much for this, why couldn#t I just skip this vacation with the kids as well?

That is why. I promised, last year, that this year I'd go with them abroad, spend my vacation with them, not the writing and the reading. I am so close... I don't want to come out at the other side not knowing my kids.

So, I have been to Jersey and gotten a sunburn hiking along the cliffs of the north coast - wonderful, hiking has always been a favourite thing to do with the now-teens, once they are warmed up they are like eager dogs running ahead and turning back, waiting at a viewpoint or eagerly struggling on some detour! I had an other sunburn - and desperately sore feet - spending two days in St. Malo and Mont St. Michel, stretching what I remember of gothic architecture to the limit as we walked through the wonderful monastery - a part of my mind thinking what a GREAT site that would be for Live Action Role-Play. I have walked through Harrods and been too overwhelmed to spend a pound - and I have bought new bras at Rigby and Peller - which is where the Queen of England has her made. And That brings me here - stationed at Virgin Music, at an internet cafe, waiting for the rest of the family to find a sheet music store where they might have that special Gerschwin book my ambitious saxophone playing girl needs for the audition to the big band she wants to join. I haven't found the red shoes I have been looking for... and don't think I will... but hey, I have seen Les Miserables, I have seen A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe theatre - standing area - and before I return home I want to visit Tate's Modern - and then I'll be happy, my cultural alibi is safe.

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