Tuesday, July 02, 2002

One more article - this a short and not-so-formal one - sent off. It's about the internet as the playground of amateurs, where I argue that the non-professional market for hardware, software and network access is what keeps the net growing - and that games are an obvious (almost natural, but I won't use that about something as constructed and cultural as the www) tool in the process of making computers accessible. Oh, well, one more little paper to my credit when the dean counts research and publishing achieved this year.

Five years ago, the Media Department at Volda College was considered the least research- and publishing-friendly department here. After the college devised a system for registering articles, lectures, and different kinds of publications, it turns out that this department, which is about the tenth of the college, does more than 25% of the academic publishing. Short of doctorate theses' (which are rare all over), we publish at all levels, from the simplest little newspaper article to larger research-based reports. That was quite a shock to some of the other departments, as the popular rumour was that we can teach others how to publish - but never get around to do it ourselves.

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