Thursday, July 04, 2002

I have decided to keep the temporary title The Digital Juggler.
I googled the name, and the only hits which were a perfect match were to this blog. I did however get one interesting hit: The High-tech Juggling Jukebox. This is the site of a juggler who experiments with motion sensors in his juggling act, playing music dependent on his motions. I find that quite fascinating, how the body can control the technology through new interfaces. And I am fascinated because it's so very science fiction: Like just putting your hands under the tap at public toilets, and the water will flow without a touch. It's almost like those novels and films where doors open and lights go on and off controlled by movements in the room: arcane handsignals mystifying the primitive visitors to such future wonders. The school my son was at experimented with motion-sensors to control the light, by the way. The problem was that when the kids were too well-behaved, the light would go out. Or perhaps that motivated them to be particularly quiet?

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