Tuesday, September 03, 2002

More Norwegian Keiko-news:
Local whale expert claims it would be better for Keiko to be killed than left to fend for himself.
While the experts from the "Free Willy" project are unhappy because Keiko is too fond of people.

It's a dilemma. Humans want to give Keiko the best thing they can imagine: his freedom. But he chooses to use his freedom to go back to what he knows and likes: performing and playing with people. Doing that he endangers himself and his freedom. If he's wild and free, nobody can tell others how to relate to him, and he can for instance become valid game if he disturbs the fish-farms in the fjords, like any other wild orca. If he's tame, he's the responsibility of the organisation who's been setting him loose, and it's their responsibility to see to it that he behaves in the way they wish. If he's regarded as tame and somebody's property we can even say that he trespasses, because Norwegian property at the shoreline stretches to a certain depth at low tide, and he is well within that when he comes to beg for food, attention and company. Funny little 5 ton problem, this.

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