Thursday, September 12, 2002

Tracking dr. Griffiths
Video Games: Cause for Concern (Interviewing Dr. Griffiths)
Children in the New Media Landscape
I have with me here today Dr. Mark Griffiths...
Doom with a view (Asking Dr. Griffiths)
Games or crack? (Twisting the words of Dr. Griffiths)
Stephen Kline: Moral Panics and Video Games (quoting Dr. Griffiths)
One article was available online in 2001
Does Playing Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior? (quoting Dr. Griffiths)
Does Internet and Computer "Addiction" exist? by Dr. Mark Griffiths

Why am I tracking Mark Griffiths? Because he is the author of a paper on video games and children which is frequently referred to. But since I can't find either the paper or the publication it's supposed to be printed in at any library or bookstore, I try to find the man. So far I have pinpointed him to nottingham Trent University, where his name comes up in the campus paper... but that's as far as it goes. I have however found a lot of interesting articles that refer to his paper, and since they are more recent, I think I'll go read them.

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