Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Dubai sounds nice...
I am invited! Really!

Most important is that I will like us to meet face to face in Dubai immediately for familirization and to work out modalities for the transaction. If you are interested to assit me, You can contact me immediately on my telephone for us to expartiate action on how to relocate the fund to your country for a lucrative investment.

And did you think the man who invites me to Dubai is a common hoaxster? Oh not, this is a royal one:

I am Prince Melvin Guei, the son of Mr. Robert Guei of Ivory Coast in West Africa. My father was the Ex. Military President of Ivory Coast who was brutally killed along with my mother Mrs Rose Guei on the 19th day of september 2002, by the troops of the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo.

And he ends his letter with a very dignified reminder:

You have to mentain the highest confidentiality for now in this transaction due to my present situation.

Thanks and God bless.

Best Regards.
Prince Melvin Guei.

Oooops, sorry about that Prince Melvin. I am not quite used to receiving royal letters. I hope you'll send me the roundtrip ticket to Dubai anyway?

For some reason, this hoax letter was just nicer and more fun than the others. It's so much more entertaining to be spammed by the prince, son of the late mr. and mrs. Guei, than by the assistants of some corrupt minister.

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