Friday, August 08, 2003

A hole in my time
There is a hole in my time. I have filled in the time for family, for recreation, for working out and other types of maintenance, for planning, for teaching... and then suddenly, there is a hole. Research, writing, conferences, publishing - it's empty. I don't despair, because I can still feel things that nibble at me from the edges. Three different potential directions to take my research: Larger games and graphic ones is one, personal publishing and the public sphere is another, a combination of both is the third. And that is before I start planning the study which will revolutionize net-publishing and throw overboard everything you thought you knew about integrating the old and the new media.

OK... I think I'll sit here and just enjoy the jagged edges and the mysterious depths of that hole for a while, before I decide how to fill it up.

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