Wednesday, August 20, 2003

On the side of caution
I have discovered a rather unexpected problem - minor one, but a little unsettling to my jittering nerves. In order to make certain I don't reveal anything people did not wish to reveal in my thesis, I have changed all the names of the characters and the players. As I read through the criticism of the thesis, I find that I have a hard time recalling who is who! Who the #¤&& is Mariah? And what character did she play? Well, I know, of course, I have her in the name-list and I have no REAL problem finding her. But it's a little like reading with a dictionary - each name signifies something other than I had expected, and I need to keep checking. That means one more thing to remember for the defense: make a cross-referenced list of the real names and the made-up names, so I know what is going on...

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