Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Last chance to vote

At the Satin Pajama Award. It is the first time I have been running for any of these things, although I know blogonblog was nominated once - sadly after we had slowed down the activity towards zero.

So what ever happens before they close for voting, I am delighted to have been both nominated and voted for, but if ou really want to make my day, grab 10 different IP adresses and go vote for me.

And we all know such nominations and awards are weird anyway. Although the Satin Pajama is interesting - because it has nominated more than the usual quota of female bloggers. Pathetic, isn't it, that I feel this when there are whole categories which (apparently) are only populated by males?


Francis S. said...

You won, you won! (And so did I!)

Theresa said...

Gratulerer! :o)

Torill said...

Is it horribly tacky and un-cool to actually think it's fun? Particularly what happened the last day, when I told you all that it was the last chance to vote - and you actually did! I was stunned and delighted by that.

thomas said...

Of course we voted! After all - a blog is a powerful device to manipulate a reader to head in whatever direction on the web that you'd want. =)