Thursday, February 17, 2005

Things I have learned

The last few days I have spent working on the reorganisation of Volda College. I am part of a group of six who have as our mission to suggest a new way to organise the the faculty and administrative staff. Part of the project was a seminar for everybody at the college, with working groups discussing a set of ideal models for organisation, and how these would work with the changes in the environments and the legislation for higher education.

In the course of the last few days I have learned some not exactly to-the-point things. But they are the things I remember.
    A group of professors from European and American Universities were given a random collection of Norwegian Ph D dissertations, and were asked to assess them. They all reported back that the dissertations were among the top 25% they had ever read.
    The Nordic professors given the same set reported that the dissertations were pretty average.
    Patricia McKillip is a very interesting fantasy writer.
    The College has a "house band" consisting of quite good pop/jazz musicians.
    Seal fat oil is better than cod liver oil for your joints.

I told you the things I remember were not to the point. But it's what's stuck and remembered right now.

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