Thursday, January 29, 2009


"Blikk" means "gaze" in Norwegian, and while it's probably a clever acronym, I haven't tracked it down to check for what. What I do know is that it's a conference for people who work with youths and culture, it's in March this year at Utstein Kloster, and I have been invited to talk. I just accepted, a little late as I had to make some decisions first, so I assume I'll be there. I was however very happy to see that Kristine Ask and Rune Klevjer, two active games researchers, had already accepted. The topic is: Games as a cultural phenomenon. This is going to be fun.


Lance said...

Hi Torill. I have been following your blog the last couple of months as it is a nice source of 'a bit more academic information' on MMOs in general. I admit its kinda reassuring to see academics involved in the world of warcraft. I guess I falsely thought only R. Bartle and me were involved :-p

I. myself, hold a PhD in wearable computing and augemented reality but I did not manage to stay in academia for various family reasons.

In any case, its nice to read up a blog with a more serious tone on Wow, gaming and MMos. Lots of interesting matterial!

Torill said...

I am very happy to see you have realised that there's game research going on! Good luck!

Lance said...

Oh, I was aware of it, just never met anyone in the wow community as of yet :). I imagined for sure there would be, its nice to finaly meet someone, even from blogging :)

Kristine Ask said...

Flott å høre at du kommer ! Var ikke helt klar over hva jeg sa ja til når jeg først ble kontaktet, men det ser ut til å bli en spennende dag.

Vi sees uansett på JoinGame i neste uke.