Saturday, January 24, 2009

The ethics of entertainment

This morning, as I was desperately trying to get into World of Warcraft (down for maintenance - on a Saturday morning!), the radio was on and playing Norwegian Broadcasting, program 2. After an initial discussion about the problems between Israel and the Palestinians (Norwegians are extremely torn about this issue - on the one hand, the whole European guilt, on the other hand, the very real suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza), the conversation turned to something entirely different: Entertainment violence.

I was just listening with half my brain, but almost woke up when I heard a Norwegian psychology scholar discuss game violence - in a sensible manner! I didn't catch her name, and I didn't catch the reference to her study (yes, I know), but I do have internet access. And so, for those of you who understand Norwegian and want to hear a refreshingly sane view on game violence, one which may actually be based on real and decent research, Verdibørsen, P2, January 4th. It's the second half of the podcast. Enjoy.

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