Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spring term in Volda

I have just finished planning the spring term (only one day after the students should have arrived), and I am quite delighted with the course I am responsible for this year - INF213, or, in plainer talk: the final semester of the bachelor in public information. Aside from combining some of my main interests in the teaching process: the net, the users and the communication that reaches the public, I get to have two really interesting guest lecturers. And this year I am really indulging, I have invited two friends of mine: Pattie Belle Hastings, who will be here in January, and Luca Rossi, who arrives in April.

In between this I will hopefully have time to produce a couple of articles - I have some half-chewed material that deserves to be finished, and one article I have promised to write for an anthology, which is worrying me. I haven't been able to write a single sentence in the chaos that was my "Christmas vacation" (I swear: "vacation" will from now on mean going abroad, or I will call it "work camp"), and while I feel like I am about to explode with the thoughts on the topic, I don't have time to actually let that explosion happen until the 19th. That is such a frustrating feeling: I know what I want to do and have to do, but work gets in the way of work.

On the up side: The book (yes, there is only one book so far - except all the other books of course, but I didn't write those) is finally really finished, and sent off to the printer. Expect it in March!

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