Friday, August 24, 2001

AzhadWiki: AzhadWiki
Almost as easy to use as blogger and more flexible, as it doesn't insist on cronological posting, Azhad uses a Wiki to create a website where the players can be active and participate not only through playing on the MUD, but also through developing the fictitous framework of the MUD, discussing and exploring different aspects of a make-belief culture.

Azhad is trying to give more power to the players than is normal in mudding, for (at least) two reasons:

1) To give the players the pleasure of personal mastery, achievement and satisfaction, and so enhance the playing experience.

2) To relieve the administration of the very demanding task of running plots when players can come up with more and are able to devote more time to running their own plot.

It's an interesting experiement, and they have a great player base to test on, as a lot of the people from the fading (and hopefully soon-to-be-reborn) Aarinfel have followed them here.

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