Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Slottet varsler lang bryllupsreise
I just love the way the Norwegian royal family handle the press. They are so polite and open, they never flee or get annoyed, they look straight into the cameras and smile and answer, they keep their appointment, they go from point A to point B according to schedule, they pause to give photographers their shots, they roll down the dark windows to wave and smile and be available rather than protective and protected...

And then they turn around, slip into jeans, go out the backdoor with little more than a nod to the guard, and disappear in the crowds. As they did this time. The Royal Yacht arrived in Copenhagen on schedule - but the newly wedded Crown Prince and Princess were not aboard. They had left the boat hours ago - the Prince most likely telling the sailors: "skip the rituals, and pass me those suitcases, we are out of here. Say hello to the journalists in Copenhagen from me!"

And Håkon? If I meet you and Mette-Marit walking from one cabin to the next among the mountains of Sunnmøre with backpacks in the rain, I promise I won't tell, but can I have a picture of you and her, all cold, wet and blistered, just because?

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