Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Pirate Software, LLC HomePage
This looks like every gamers dream: find a group of talented people you want to work with, and build the game you would love to play in. At this point, what makes them different from the administrators of games like Dragon Realms, Aarinfel, Azhad and Lu'Tamohr is ambition and vision. They aim high! That makes me curious to see more of what they might already have written, what games they use as their models, how they expect to find funding, and will they be stubborn enough to go through with this massive project?

A lot of gamers have made real money on their dream. Once upon a time there was a little group who called their world "White Wolf"... How many talented young people aren't dreaming today of building a game rather than writing a book or being a movie star? And hey, I am already making a living from my interest in games!

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