Monday, October 22, 2001

This morning I have been avoiding to start drafting a presentation I am giving Wednesday - instead I have been playing around with blogback, making it work for my "play-blog" as well as for the not too active discussion site for the information education (in Norwegian).

But do I want it here? Do I want to have comments on what I write, or is the liberty to speak without being checked too precious for me? As some of you might have noted, I don't have my email here - that is because while I welcome emails, I have a little treshold... if people really want to get hold of me it's possible through the volda college link, or just through searching for my name on the net - but it means people have to WANT to reach me. At times I have been avoiding MUDs when I knew that I had posted something controversial, not wanting to read the replies. Still, I love feed-back, and finding that others have mentioned me is very inspiring, as is learning that others have read my blog.

I'll write a little, think, and see.... perhaps I'll be daring. Perhaps.

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