Friday, October 05, 2001

Why are online, text-based, multi-user games attractive, what are the qualitites of these games which make them desirable and captures the attention of the players?

What are the features which distinguish a good online, multi-user roleplaying game from other games in the fantasy genre, what is experienced by the players as pleasurable in the game, what distinguishes a good game and not the least, what distinguishes good playing?

To answer my questions about computer-games, I study the game-structure from the angle a player would experience it, I interviewed and questioned players and builders of Dragon Realms, The Infinite Point and Aarinfel, and I participated in the game, observing the game-play and the game-experience from the position of a player.

What kind of texts are text-based online computer role-playing games? How is the role-playing game distinct from other online computer games in how it relates to stories or narrativity? To what extent can I use existing theory of texts and stories to analyse role-playing MUDs?

Is role-playing in online, multi-user games the same as or comparable to theatre, improvisation or ritual?

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