Tuesday, February 04, 2003

I have had a few bad days bloggerwise. I kept getting error messages, and when I tried to go into the blogger help-files, their links to the possible answer came up with an error message. then I tried to write and tell Blogger about the errormessages on their helpfiles, and was told that since I am a free blogger user, I can't expect that they look at my requests for assistance.

Yes, I am aware that I use blogspot for free - although I am paying to keep my blogspot ad free. But why haven't I bought blogger pro? Because it doesn't offer me a good alternative yet: I need to be able to post from a wider range of browsers than blogger pro offers me. I also don't need all that blogger pro offers. Is Blogger about to do the mistake of so many other types of software for publishing and sharing? Make blogger pro so advanced that most people don't need more than a little bit of it, and then charge the users for all that superfluous software that they might need... all the while forgetting about the people who made the software known in the first place, those unwashed masses who just wants something fairly simple, perhaps not entirely free, but close... but who want this simple part to work well?

Anyway... thanks to Phil Rignalda's troubleshooting blog the problem appears to be solved, and I may go on publishing for free like the freeloading parasite I am.

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