Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Monday Morning Lag
(the post that caused my trouble...)
Still jetlagged, which means that I have been sneaking around this apartment as quietly as possible for hours, reading a little in the light of a red lamp (yes, very brothel-like, but nowhere near that interesting).

The trip here was good, and I managed to catch two movies of the type that will never make it to Volda. One of them was S1mOne, over a similar topic as Gibson's Idoru - about a man who has an affair with a virtual actress. But where Al Pacino gives life to Simone to the point that his own minds starts playing tricks with him, accrediting her with more independence than his computer-generated female avatar has, Idoru is a whole different entity, independent of men, developing through nanotechnology into not just an artificial intelligence, but also an alien intelligence, capable of independent emotions.

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